Selected Exhibitions List




April - Slow Breath: Recent Works by Chris Gustin- Dedee Shattuck Gallery - solo exhibition of works by Chris Gustin. Curatorial Essay


July -The Contemporary Figure - Dedee Shattuck Gallery - featuring Anne Leone, Dan Ludwig, John Borowicz, Sergei Isupov and Walter Horak. Curatorial Essay

June - Paint Pattern Print Texture - Dedee Shattuck Gallery - featuring Daphne Taylor, Elin Noble, Sophia Narrett, Pat Coomey Thornton, and Eck Follen. Curatorial Essay

April - Articulated Structure - Dedee Shattuck Gallery - featuring Paul Myoda, Jane South and Jacqueline Ott. Curatorial Essay


November/December - Small Works – Dedee Shattuck Gallery –Dedee Shattuck Gallery’s Second Annual Small Works exhibition featuring over 40 artists.

October/November – Digital Art: (R)evolution - Co-curation with Anne and Michael Spalter– Dedee Shattuck Gallery – an exhibition of digital and video works by Anne Morgan Spalter and Leslie Thornton, presented amidst selections of seminal works from the Spalter Digital Art Collection.  Curatorial Essay, Curator's Talk. 

August- Wang Dang Doodle: John Borowicz– Dedee Shattuck Gallery –a solo exhibition exploring the development of Borowicz’ most recent body of work. Curatorial essay.

July- Severin Haines Featuring Furniture by DUNN-– Dedee Shattuck Gallery –two artists translating mid-century modern aesthetic references into a contemporary language. Curatorial essay.

June- Lasse Antonsen: Nocturama-– Dedee Shattuck Gallery –a solo exhibition of conceptual sculpture and assembled images by Lasse Antonsen. Curatorial essay.




December - Small Works– Dedee Shattuck Gallery – First annual – 45 artists exhibiting small works

September/October - Anna Kristina Goransson– Dedee Shattuck Gallery – solo exhibition of sculptural felt installations.

August/September – Joshua Enck and Reenie Barrow– Dedee Shattuck Gallery – sculptures by Enck photographs by Barrow

July/August – Joan Backes: Home– Dedee Shattuck Gallery – drawings, digital works, and installation sculptures by Joan Backes

June/July Sea, Shore, Sky and Ice: Nicholas Whitman and Susan Schultz – Dedee Shattuck Gallery – Environmentally conscious photographs by Nick Whitman and sculptures by Susan Schultz

May/June – Roger Kizik- Dedee Shattuck Gallery solo exhibit of paintings by Roger Kizik

May – Lantern Festival -  Brown University -  Year of China- large-scale installation of student sculptures inspired by Chinese Lanterns at the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

April/May – Sebastian Lassalle: Photographs- Dedee Shattuck Gallery a solo exhibition of photographs by Sebastian Lassalle


December- John Havens Thornton and Pat Coomey Thornton- Dedee Shattuck Gallery abstract paintings

October/November – Deborah Quinn Munson, Steve Remick, and Richard Lazes- Dedee Shattuck Gallery landscape painting, drawing, and bent wood sculptures

September/October- Kimberly Witham and Ellen Lewis Watson- Dedee Shattuck Gallery photographs by Witham, sculptures by Watson

September – Walter Horak- Dedee Shattuck Gallery figurative sculptures

August/September – Anne Leone: Paintings. Dedee Shattuck Gallery figurative paintings

June/July- Inaugural Exhibit- Dedee Shattuck Gallery- group exhibition of 36 artists representing the local talent that inspired Dedee Shattuck to open a gallery in Westport, MA